Invented in 1866 by Alfred Nobel, dynamite’s cylindrical shape perfectly fit down the drilling holes used in mining operations. When the charges were set, the now-famous phrase “fire in the hole” was cried to warn miners of the coming blast. Though the contents of this sturdy wood crate will not move mountains, they will get your fireplace roaring. One look at the realistic “dynamite” crate will have family and friends looking twice at this interesting item.

You can add a piece of this exciting history to your home with the new Black Rock Powder Company dynamite fire starters. Each crate is made with beautiful cedar wood and is built to last. Glued and nailed box joint corners ensure the crate will be around for a long time. The rugged style crate is packed with 20 “sticks” of fire starters. Instead of dealing with the
usual frustration of starting a fire in the fireplace or campfire pit, simply place one dynamite fire starter stick under the logs and light one or both ends of the stick. Each stick will burn approximately 30 minutes – setting ablaze even the most stubborn wood. The Black Rock Powder Company dynamite fire starters make a handsome and functional home accessory!!!

Imagine the reaction your friends and family will have when they first set their eyes on a crate of Black Rock Powder Company dynamite fire starters! Additionally, the dynamite fire starter refills (sold separately) will guarantee to keep your fires burning! This product makes a great gift idea for the camper or the “keeper of the fire place”, and they also work great for chimineas and outdoor fire pits.


Crate Dimensions:
Length: 16”
Width: 10”
Height: 6 ½”
Weight: 14 lbs.

Fire Starter Sticks:
Material: paraffin and sawdust
Dimensions: round 1 ¼” dia. x 8” long

Manufactured By:
Blue Creek Mercantile
2730 Huber Ave
Borger, Texas 79007
Phone: 806.273.2733